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Deferred Finding Request Form

  1. The Court must receive your statement before your scheduled court appearance date or with your initial response to the ticket. You will be notified by email or mail of the Judge's decision. Any additional documentation must be emailed to the court email at

  2. You may not request a deferred finding if you have a commercial driver's license or were operating a commercial motor vehicle at the time of the infraction.*
  3. You are eligible for a Deferred Finding once every 7 years for a moving violation and once every 7 years for a non-moving violation. Moving violations and non-moving violations are defined in WAC 308-104-160.*
  4. I understand a deferred finding requires a $200 administrative cost. I also understand that if I fail to pay the $200 administrative fee within 60 days, the infraction will immediately go on my record. *
  5. I understand that if I fail to comply with the requirements of: (1) no traffic infractions, (2) no criminal traffic infractions, and (3) payment of the $200 administrative fee, the Court will find this ticket committed and impose the entire penalty stated on the Notice of Infraction. Any administrative cost that I have paid will not be applied as a credit towards the penalty imposed by the Court.*
  6. I am requesting that the court grant a deferred finding. This means that the court defers the entry of a finding of committed for one year. Provided that I do not commit any traffic infractions or criminal traffic offenses during this one year period, the infraction will be dismissed at the end of the one year period. *
  7. Do you agree that the Judge's order may be sent to you by email?*
  8. If you are not eligible for a deferred finding, would you like to mitigate the ticket and ask the Judge to consider reducing the fine?*
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