Road Closure Notification

Public Works updates traffic disruptions each Tuesday. To access this information visit the Public Works Traffic Revisions page.

Road Vacation

City rights-of-way are established to provide public access to private property and to provide a corridor for utilities. When a portion of the rights-of-way is undeveloped, or is otherwise surplus to the city's needs, the adjacent property owners may petition the city to vacate the rights-of-way.

Vacation of rights-of-way is governed by BIMC Chapter 12.34 and requires a public process that includes an application, a petition, review by city staff, survey, etc., and ultimately a public hearing and approval by the City Council.

Roads Program

Annual maintenance of either:

  • Chip seal
  • Overlay
  • Pavement repair

Pavement Repair

Pavement repair is the process of grinding out damaged portions of the roadway, which are replaced with new asphalt. This work is in preparation of the road base for a chip seal overlay.

Chip Seal & Overlay

Chip Seal is the application of an oil emulsion onto the roadway surface followed by a layer of rock, which is rolled and the loose rock swept away. Overlay is an application of new asphalt over the existing surface.