How do I apply for or renew a City Business License?

Apply for or renew your City Business License via WA-DOR Business Licensing Service

Following Application

The City's contract with the State of Washington Business Licensing Service (BLS) ensures businesses a "one-stop shopping" portal for obtaining individual city licenses throughout the State. The City continues to oversee, regulate, and maintain its business licensing according to City Code. The City maintains the responsibility for the approval, denial, and payment collection for business licenses.

If your business is located off the island, your business license will be granted automatically unless the business applies for a fee-exempt license. If a non-resident business applies for a fee-exempt business license, the City will contact you to determine if the business meets qualifications for fee exemption. 

If your business is located on the island, your license application will be reviewed by the City for compliance with legal, zoning, and signage requirements. More than likely, business owners will be contacted by the City to provide additional information pertaining the required City code and zoning compliance review either by (a) email containing a link to complete an online webform survey, or (b) phone .  If the application is approved, an endorsement will appear on your Washington State Business License. (NOTE: The City no longer provides Business License Certificates.) The approval process could take up to two weeks, or longer should compliance questions arise.

Important Note: The City will attempt to contact the business twice to secure the additional information.  After the second attempt, the license application will be terminated for failure to provide required information. Failure to provide valid contact information (i.e., phone number and/or email) will result in an automatic denial of the license application. 

Additional Information or Permissions

Certain businesses require additional information or permissions. It is the responsibility of the business owner or primary agent to provide the additional information and/or secure any and all approvals required by the City, County, and State. Common businesses requiring additional information or permissions include but are not limited to:

  • Establishments selling or serving alcohol
  • Cannabis Growing, Processing, and/or Retail Establishments
  • Commercial Parking Lots
  • Mobile Retail Food Establishments (PDF) (i.e., food trucks)
  • Operation of one or more of the following:
    • Cabarets
    • Games of skill (i.e., video games)
    • Amusement games (e.g., billiard tables, pool tables, foosball tables, etc.)
    • Jukeboxes
    • Veterinary clinics or animal boarding facilities
  • Temporary Housing or Vacation Rentals (PDF) (including AirBNBs)

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