Can I keep my traffic ticket off my driving (Department of Licensing) record?

If you have received a traffic infraction, you may be eligible for a Deferred Finding. You may qualify for a Deferred Finding under RCW 46.63.070 if you have not taken this option on a traffic ticket within the last seven years. Upon successful completion of the deferral conditions your ticket will be dismissed. You may defer only one moving infraction and one non-moving infraction every seven years.

The Judge cannot grant a Deferred Finding if you have a commercial driver's license or were operating a commercial motor vehicle at the time of the violation. The Judge also may not grant a Deferred Finding if the infraction is Negligent Driving in the Second Degree.

You must fill out and return the request for a Deferred Finding form (PDF), or request a court hearing, within 15 days from the date your ticket was issued if you want to request a Deferred Finding.

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