What is the cost of obtaining or viewing administrative records?

GR 31.1(h)(2) allows the court to recoup its cost for copying and scanning records. If extensive research (more than one hour) is required to respond to your request, there will be charges for the time involved at $30 per hour. GR 31.1(h)(4). You will be required to pay the fees in advance of research and prior to the copies being given to you. If you do not pay the amount due for records, you will not be able to obtain additional records until that debt is paid.

Fee Structure for Administrative Records (pursuant to GR 31.1, RCW 3.62.060):

  • Staff Research Time: $30 per hour beyond the first hour
  • Copies: $0.50 per page
  • Printing of a document in an electronic format: $0.25 per page
  • Documents on CD: Additional $20
  • Mailing of documents / CD: Minimum of $5 - cost depends on request.
  • Viewing of Records: No cost (except for any staff research time to compile request.)

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