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Request for New Utility Connection


  1. 1. Introduction
  2. 2. Section I. New Utility Connection
  3. 3. Section II. Billing Account Information
  • Introduction

    1. City of Bainbridge Island - Request for New Utility Connection

      Complete this form if you are establishing a new connection to City water and/or sewer lines, and/or if you seek to set up a new billing account for a service address, at an address that is not an established, existing service address (for example, a new development).

      Once the following information is submitted, Utility Billing will contact you at the contact information provided to confirm the request for new utility connection. If you have questions, please contact Utility Billing at (206) 780-8603 or

      Note: If you need to start or stop utility service at an established, existing service address, please exit this form and complete a Utility Service Account Change Form.