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Business Licensing - City Addendum


  1. 1. General Information
  2. 2. General Business
  3. 3. Home Occupation
  4. 4. Mobile Retail Food Establishment
  5. 5. Cannabis Growing, Processing, and/or Retail Establishments
  6. 6. Fee-Exempt Licensing
  7. 7. Conclusion
  • General Information

    1. Bainbridge Island Addendum to Business License Application

      This City addendum to the State of Washington Department of Revenue Business Licensing System general endorsement application is required of all City of Bainbridge Island business license applicants and business address changes when the business physical location is located within the jurisdictional boundaries of Bainbridge Island.

      If the business is physically located on Bainbridge Island, Municipal Code states a business license application or address change must be reviewed and approved for zoning and code compliance before a City business license can be issued. The following questions relate to zoning and code compliance information specific to the Bainbridge Island Municipal Code. Planning & Community Development, the City department overseeing zoning and code compliance, requires the questions be answered in full for your application to be considered for approval.

      Per Finance & Administrative Services, the City department overseeing business licensing, staff will attempt to obtain the answers to the following questions two (2) times. If after two attempts these required questions have not been answered, or not answered completely, the business license application or address change application will be terminated. No fee refunds are provided for a terminated license application.

    2. Note: Your UBI is your business license number assigned by the State.