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Race Equity Advisory Committee Intake/Request for Action Form

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  2. 1. Introduction:

    The City of Bainbridge Island Race Equity Advisory Committee (REAC) is a standing committee that advises the City Council on programmatic, community, and legislative options to address and rectify systemic and structural racism and bias within local government and law enforcement.  For a full description of REAC’s mission and responsibilities, please see the committee website at

    REAC meets regularly on the first Thursday of every month from 6-7:30 pm (unless otherwise noted).  All regular meetings include a period for public comment, where anyone may address the committee for a limited period of time.  

    Individuals seeking to present information to REAC outside the public comment portion of its business meetings should complete the following form and submit it, along with any supporting documents, to  Please be aware that all or part of any submission to REAC may be subject to disclosure under Washington’s Public Records Act, Ch. 42.56 RCW.

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  4. Please provide the following information below, or in a separate attachment.

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  6. 1.  Describe the issue you wish to bring to REAC’s attention and why you believe it fits within REAC’s mission and responsibilities (see

  7. 2. Please state in detail what action you seek from REAC (e.g., appearance at public meeting; further study by the committee; collaboration with others; community event; etc.).

  8. 3. Please state whether you have an affiliation with or are representing any other individual or group with an interest or position on the issue you seek to present to REAC.

  9. 4. Is there anything else you would like the committee to know?

  10. REAC will review your request, and will provide an initial response within five (5) business days.  REAC reserves the right to grant or deny any request.  Requests will be reviewed under the following criteria: 

    • Consistency with REAC purpose, responsibilities and governing documents 
    • Relation to current race equity issues 
    • Whether the topic is within REAC's expertise  

    Thank you for your interest in REAC and in helping to promote a more inclusive and responsive Bainbridge Island community.   


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