What happens if the Council decides to put this project on hold?

If the Council puts the project on hold, the City will not advertise for construction bids in April, as we currently plan. In addition:  

  • The project will be delayed and the Police and Court functions will continue in their current undersized and inadequate locations. If a new site is sought, it will likely be at least three and maybe five or more years until acquisition is completed and a project can be designed, permitted and constructed.  
  • The project will likely become more expensive as we will delay the project. 
  • There are other financial and staffing implications which will depend on the length of the delay and the eventual decision. 

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1. Why is the City seeking to build a new police and municipal court building?
2. Why did the City choose Harrison as the site?
3. How did the City arrive at the $8.975 million purchase price?
4. Did the purchase of the Harrison building include medical equipment?
5. How did the City pay for the building?
6. What is the current estimated cost of the Police/Court Facility?
7. Did the City overpay for the building?
8. Why is the Council now discussing the costs?
9. What’s the status of the project?
10. What happens if the Council decides to put this project on hold?