Why is the Council now discussing the costs?

With new councilmembers and transition in City staff, the current elected and staff leadership are not the same as the group which made decisions two and three years ago. It’s appropriate to ask questions, review the answers and be ready to move forward to continue  

The Council and City staff are responsive to community questions and concerns. Since November 2020, there have been numerous questions from community members and councilmembers. 

Staff is ready to support this discussion and help interested residents understand the decision-making process and cost structure. In the months since November 2020, staff have provided responses to many questions and Council has discussed this topic at several Council meetings.

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1. Why is the City seeking to build a new police and municipal court building?
2. Why did the City choose Harrison as the site?
3. How did the City arrive at the $8.975 million purchase price?
4. Did the purchase of the Harrison building include medical equipment?
5. How did the City pay for the building?
6. What is the current estimated cost of the Police/Court Facility?
7. Did the City overpay for the building?
8. Why is the Council now discussing the costs?
9. What’s the status of the project?
10. What happens if the Council decides to put this project on hold?