Did the City overpay for the building?

This is a difficult question to answer.  The City paid a price negotiated by real estate professionals and approved by staff from both organizations and the City Council.  The final price was higher than that first offered by the City and lower than first asked by the original owner.

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1. Why is the City seeking to build a new police and municipal court building?
2. Why did the City choose Harrison as the site?
3. How did the City arrive at the $8.975 million purchase price?
4. Did the purchase of the Harrison building include medical equipment?
5. How did the City pay for the building?
6. What is the current estimated cost of the Police/Court Facility?
7. Did the City overpay for the building?
8. Why is the Council now discussing the costs?
9. What’s the status of the project?
10. What happens if the Council decides to put this project on hold?