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Suzuki Property

The City Council is considering selling the Suzuki property and is encouraging community input on whether and how the property should be sold, and what use should be made of the property.

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  1. Green and Affordable

    Suzuki presents the opportunity to demonstrate how we can build an environmentally friendly new residential community. The site can include both affordable housing and other features with community...

    Dec 3, 2014 by charles wenzlau (23 points)

    6Votes Up 5Votes Down 4Comments

  2. Affordable Housing at Suzuki

    The Suzuki Property provides an exceptional opportunity to develop a balanced mix of housing and other fitting uses that benefit the community, yet preserves and enhances natural features and...

    Nov 19, 2014 by Mark Blatter (5 points)

    5Votes Up 9Votes Down 3Comments

  3. Reserve the property for future school district needs

    The property should be handed over to the school district for future district needs, as the school board first requested in 2008 or 09. With the increasing population of the island, the schools will...

    Nov 30, 2014 by Martin Stever (8 points)

    5Votes Up 1Votes Down 0Comments

  4. Large "Natural" Off-Leash Dog Park

    Dedicate a large portion of land to create a first-class "natural" off-leash dog park as part of whatever the total plan becomes. If designed correctly and incorporated in the plan details from the...

    Oct 23, 2015 by mlteske (5 points)

    4Votes Up 0Votes Down 1Comments

  5. Keep Suzuki property open space!!!

    I encourage the council to savie his property to help retain the beauty of the island. The parks dept. proposal helps to keep this open space. The other proposals are not well thought out and are...

    Feb 22, 2016 by Jodi Olson (5 points)

    1Votes Up 0Votes Down 1Comments


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