Fees & Penalties

Business License Application Fees

The fee for new and renewed Business Licenses is $65. Nonprofit Organizations are exempt from the Business License Application fee.

BLS adds an additional $11 processing fee to cover licensing processing, mailing, and other costs. Nonprofits will be charged the BLS fees.

For renewals:

  • Approximately six (6) weeks before your current City business license expires, BLS will send you a license renewal letter with instructions to renew through BLS. Payment is easily accepted online with E-check or credit card. 
  • If you prefer to renew your license by mail using the BLS renewal form, the form and a check, made payable to the Washington Department of Revenue, must reach BLS before the license expiration date.
  • BLS will assess a a late filing fee for renewals received after the expiration date. A license is automatically closed after 120 days if no payment is received.

See Frequently Asked Questions for information on applying for a City Business License.

Business and Occupation Tax Penalties

**********B&O Tax Penalties are under revision to reflect the new return due date of April 15.**********

Business and Occupation (B&O) Taxes are paid annually for the previous calendar year. B&O Tax Report (PDF) and payment is required on or before the last day of February of the current calendar year to avoid penalties.

  • Minimum penalty on all late returns where tax is due is $5.
  • There is no penalty on late returns when there is no tax due.

Nonprofit Organizations are responsible for B&O Taxes on all for-profit activities.

See Frequently Asked Questions for information regarding City B&O Taxes.

For Tax Payments Received by the CityPenalty Due
January 1 - February 28 or 29$0
March 1 - March 31Add 5% of total tax due
April 1 - April 30Add 15% of total tax due
May 1 or laterAdd 25% of total tax due