SAR Submission Process

Site Assessment Review (SAR)

The Site Assessment Review (SAR) process is required by chapter 15.19 of the Bainbridge Island Municipal Code (BIMC) and is an opportunity for you and your design professionals to learn more about the Stormwater requirements for your project. During the SAR process, you will receive feedback from a Development Engineer and other City staff as appropriate. City staff will assist you in identifying project requirements and potential issues; staff will not provide or suggest a specific Stormwater design for your project but may provide recommendations on Low Impact Development (LID) strategies applicable to your site and project.

SAR Submittal Process:

Step 1: Complete the application form
Fill in the Site Assessment Review Application and provide answers to all questions as they relate to your project. Completing the form will require you to calculate existing and proposed land cover areas within the project limits. The project limits are defined as that portion of a property or properties subject to land disturbing activity, new hard surface, or replaced hard surfaces. The requirements of the BIMC 15.20 are evaluated based on the thresholds of new or replaced hard surface areas and the amount of land disturbance proposed by the project.

Step 2: Prepare additional items for your application
The following information about your project should be included with your application. Applications submitted without a site plan will not be accepted. 

Existing Condition Site Plan that includes (where applicable):

  • Parcel boundary, right-of-way lines, and easements
  • Existing site topography
  • Locations of existing buildings
  • Existing roads, driveways, parking lots, and other hard surfaces
  • Mapped or known critical areas on-site or in proximity of the site (e.g., steep slopes, wetlands, streams, groundwater protection areas, etc.)
  • Location of off-site drainage courses or downstream discharge points/outfalls
  • Location of private and public utility (water, sewer, storm) infrastructure

Proposed Site Feature (to be indicated on the existing conditions site plan):

  • Areas proposed for clearing of native vegetation
  • Areas for Stormwater dispersion, open space, or tree preservation
  • Areas of substantial grading and earthwork
  • Proposed areas and location of Low Impact Development (LID) features, flow control facilities, and runoff treatment facilities

Step 3: Submit your application and required documents
Submit your completed SAR application and all relevant documents via email to with SAR Application in the subject line.