Community Outreach

The Bainbridge Island Police Department is committed to developing relationships with the community it serves.  We also believe it’s important for members of our island community to have the opportunity to get to know the officers who serve them in a friendly, relaxed setting.  As such, we are dedicated to hosting family-friendly community events and attending other gatherings when possible. Outreach efforts include National Night Out, Community Police Academy, and more.  Please use the links at left to learn more.

Community Police Academy

The Bainbridge Island Police Department’s Community Police Academy was founded in 2004. The goal of the program is to foster a better understanding of police work through education, and improve communication between the residents of Bainbridge Island and the officers who serve them. The intent of the program is not to produce civilians trained in law enforcement, but to help island residents and business owners become more familiar with the workings of their local police department and become better acquainted with its officers. What the department gains in goodwill cannot compare to the benefits community members gain by knowing more about the men and women who serve them.

The 12-week course is offered once a year and usually runs from February through April.  Each class involves three hours of training from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Wednesday evenings with one Saturday class. Class size is limited.

Participants are presented with frank and candid explanations of how the units in the department function and have an opportunity to ask questions of guest speakers. There are no tests to pass and no educational credits earned, but participants gain a better understanding of the department’s decision-making processes, how and why policies are created, and have an opportunity to learn about the kinds of situations officers face every day. Most importantly, participants can determine more accurately how effective the department is in serving the community. Some of the topics covered include traffic enforcement, narcotics, investigations, criminal law, defensive tactics, and identity theft. Participants will also have an opportunity to ride with an on-duty patrol officer, and take tours of the 911 dispatch center, Kitsap County Coroner’s Office, and Kitsap County Jail.

In early 2020, an academy was underway when the pandemic hit and unfortunately we had to cancel the class.  The 20 or so students in that class enjoyed only a couple of sessions, so they will be invited back in early 2022 to pick up where they left off. Information regarding future classes will be posted as soon as it is available.  Be sure to follow us on Facebook!  You'll be the first to know when there is news to share.

National Night Out

National Night Out is an annual family-friendly event hosted by police departments across the nation to promote crime prevention and personal safety by providing educational materials for parents, hosting games about safety for kids, and allowing community members to get to know the officers who serve them.  There is also free food, prizes, and impressive equipment displays featuring police cars, police motorcycles, ambulances, fire vehicles, BIPD’s police boat, and more.  The location of the event varies from year to year, but it always takes place on the first Tuesday evening in August.  Unfortunately, the BIPD is not hosting National Night Out in 2021, but is planning to organize an event for 2022.  Be sure to follow us on Facebook!  You'll be the first to know what plans we have in store.