Police Facility History

02/09/20 At the Feb 9 City Council Business meeting, Council decided to review process options for evaluating the following aspects of the police and court project at an upcoming Council meeting:
     1. The valuation method used to determine the purchase price of the Harrison Medical Center property and whether it comported with industry standards, and
     2. The reliability of cost projections for construction of the project as designed and what steps the City can take to ensure the project comes in on budget.
The Interim City Manager sent Council the below memo updating project status prior to the meeting; see memo link: /DocumentCenter/View/14548

Nov. 2020 Learn more here about the general chronology of City Council deliberations related to the Police-Court project during 2013-2020. There may be omissions in this information due to the extensive work that was related to this multi-year effort.  
08/13/20 A hearing was held on August 13 by Examiner Andrew Reeves who approved the City’s proposed Police Station and Municipal Court Facility Project, marking another milestone in the next phase of the project.  
06/11/20 The Planning Commission made a recommendation of approval on the Police-Court facility project during its June 11 meeting. The next step is for Director of Planning and Community Development to make a recommendation to the Hearing Examiner at a public hearing. The public hearing is scheduled for Thursday, August 13, 2020 at 10:00 a.m.  
06/2/20 Police and Court Project Update and Sustainability Discussion - Council directed the City Manager to complete design and advertising for construction bids without pursuing LEED certification for the project. Council referred to the CCAC consideration of the Council making a commitment to seek a local offset of the amount of carbon that would have potentially been eliminated over time if the Council expended the resources to pursue LEED certification for that facility. The Council discussed a difference of approximately 64 metric tons between the facility as designed currently versus a facility that would achieve LEED certification.  
05/18/20 The Design Review Board recommended approval of the Police Station & Municipality Court Building project and recommends the project return to the Planning Commission for further review and future forwarding to the Hearing Examiner for the proposed Conditional Use Permit & Site Plan Review major adjustment.  
02/13/20 The project was presented to the Planning Commission and will be discussed again at a future meeting.  
CHI Franciscan Health vacated the existing building and relocated to 1344 Wintergreen Lane NE on Bainbridge Island. This move allowed the City to close on the property purchase and take ownership of the existing building.  
01/21/20 Police and Court Project Update and Sustainability Discussion
Directed the City Manager to bring back for Council consideration a professional services agreement amendment to investigate and estimate LEED silver status for the project.
12/10/19 Police and Court Project Update and Sustainability
Discussion - City Council directed staff to return with an analysis for increasing the project budget by $800,000 to achieve LEED gold certification.
10/15/19 City Council update discussion.
9/24/19 Ordinance 2019-24; City Council approved moving forward with $12 million of funding from existing City resources and $8 million of funding from long-term debt, and to issue Council-manic bonds, also known as Limited Tax General Obligation (LTGO) bonds to fund the design and construction of the new Police and Court Building. LTGO bonds are repaid using existing City revenues and will not increase property taxes.
4/23/19 City Council authorized a professional services agreement amendment with Coates Design to provide further analysis of the Harrison Medical Building.
3/26/19 City Council approved the formal Purchase and Sale Agreement for the existing Harrison Medical Building as the site for a facility to replace the current police station and municipal court leased building.  
1/29/19 City Council authorized the City Manager to sign a Letter of Intent to purchase the Harrison Medical Building.  
7/24/18 City Council authorized the City Manager to pursue a Letter of Intent to acquire the Harrison Medical Building.  
7/17/18 Presentation Update.
3/6/18 City Council was presented with an analysis and planning cost estimates for the Harrison Medical Building.  
Nov. 2017 The City was presented with an offer from CHI Franciscan to consider the Harrison Medical Building as a potential site for the police and court facility.  
5/2/17 Presentation Update.