Probation Monitoring

The court provides probation services for persons who have been convicted of criminal offenses and are required to comply with various obligations. The Probation Department assists defendants with compliance, and monitors progress while the defendant is on probation.

Probation Terms

The court has the jurisdiction to place defendants on probation for up to five years in Driving Under the Influence (DUI) and Domestic Violence cases and for two years in all other criminal cases.

Terms of probation may include attending treatment for substance abuse, domestic violence, and/or mental illness. For DUI cases, offenders may also be required to attend a DUI Victim's Panel, install a vehicle Ignition Interlock, attend Alcohol and Drug Information School, attend 12-step meetings, and abstain from drugs and alcohol for a period of time.

The probation staff notifies the judge and the prosecutor immediately whenever a defendant fails to comply with the sentence. The probation staff then sends a summons to the defendant to appear before the judge. In this way, the court holds the defendant accountable. Ultimately, the goal of the court is to protect the public, and to reduce the repetition of criminal activity.

Probation Forms & Resources

King County Resources

Some offenders under supervision by the Bainbridge Island Municipal Court live or work in King County. It may be more convenient to access services near home or work. Below is the list of service providers available in King County for domestic violence and substance abuse treatment, DUI Victims Panel and Ignition Interlock. This list also includes many Spanish speaking providers.

King County Treatment Service Providers List - Updated June 2014 (PDF)