Police Station & Municipal Court Replacement Facility Project


For more than 20 years, the Police and Municipal Court staff have worked in buildings with numerous deficiencies that do not support modern law enforcement or appropriate accommodations for judicial services. A 2014 study concluded that the facilities are a seismic risk, lack security, and are outdated for conducting effective and essential civic services.  

In early 2020, the City purchased a building and property at 8804 Madison Avenue N. for $8.975 million as the future Police-Court facility site. The property includes a 3.13-acre parcel and an existing two-story building with approximately 18,000 square feet of space.  In April 2022, the City Council approved a construction contract in the amount of $7,570,449 and in June the community celebrated a groundbreaking ceremony. 


October 24, 2022

The photos to the right show completion of the foundation and footings for the west addition to the Police and Court Facility, which will house the new police entrance and stairwell. Also completed this past week, were the concrete pours on the first floor and sealing up the in-slab plumbing for the new layout.  In the next couple of weeks, framing will begin on the west addition and north wall, as well as the final concrete pour for foundational footings on the first floor.

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October 7 - Major seismic upgrades are currently underway. The north wall of the building is being rebuilt for today’s seismic standards appropriate for a public safety building. This will help ensure the facility’s longevity, especially in the event of an earthquake or other natural disaster.  Learn - and see - more updates on the Police and Court Facility in this week's City Update Video

September 28 -

In the last couple of weeks, work continues with exterior electric lines being installed for security gates along the rear and west side of the building and the interior “rough-in” slab plumbing being laid out for final installation.  Once the slab plumbing is complete, work can begin on the interior wall framing. Work also progressed on excavation and preparation for the front wall and west addition concrete footings, which should be poured and prepped for exterior wall framing this week. Overall, the construction is close to being on schedule for sealing up the exterior of the building prior to start of the wet weather season in early November.

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September 7 - The building exterior is ready for concrete footings to be poured to support the new stairwell addition.  The interior floor slab is being prepared for the installation of new plumbing, and the exterior front wall will be prepped for the concrete footings to be poured to support the overall structural enhancements of the building frame.  

July 29, 2022 Construction continues on the City’s new Police and Court Facility, with the current focus on increasing the structural stability of the building to meet current codes for earthquake protection. The north wall has been removed for structural reinforcement, and the building foundation is being altered to improve “hold-downs” for the building’s structural systems. 

July 7, 2022 - Demolition of interior walls on both floors started last week, with certain materials being sorted for potential re-use or donation.

June 3, 2022 - The community celebrated the groundbreaking of the new Police-Court facility.  The new facility will be seismically sound, provide safety and privacy for victims and witnesses via interview rooms, offer increased storage space for evidence, accessibility by public transit, and add space for jury trials, among other improvements.

April 12, 2022 - City Council approved the construction contract with Clark Construction LLC in the amount of $7,570,449.

March 2022 - City advertises for construction bids.

The City Council on Jan. 25, 2022 approved a motion authorizing City Manager Blair King to proceed with advertisement bids for the 8804 Madison Avenue N property as the future site of the Police and Municipal Court facility.  Watch the Jan. 25 discussion.

As part of the approved motion, the City will include a racial equity lens for the project construction to ensure the building design is suitable to create a welcome space for all the Bainbridge Island community.

The City anticipates awarding a project construction contract in April 2022 with completion in 2023. It’s estimated that the project costs, including the cost of the building and construction, will be $20.4 million.

During the Sept. 21 City Council study session, City Manager Blair King restarted the process for a new Police-Court building with the introduction of the video above that highlights the deficiencies of the current Police and Court facilities. 



The City of Bainbridge Island fully complies with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and related statues in all programs and activities.  Those requiring disability accommodations, please contact the City Clerk at 206-842-2545 or email.