Water Quality & Flow Monitoring Program

As an Island community, Bainbridge Island depends upon the 59 seasonal and perennial streams and 53 miles of shoreline as a food source and economic driver, through tourism and recreational retreats. The Water Quality and Flow Monitoring Program, developed through a Centennial Clean Water Fund grant, was designed to monitor freshwater, nearshore (marine) water, and stormwater quality to restore and protect these beneficial uses.

In addition to periodic water monitoring, every 5 years the city will conduct a round of sediment sampling in both marine and freshwater environments. With this data, the City will have a better understanding of how accumulated stormwater impacts have varied over time and help us plan for future improvements based on watershed scale planning.

The State of the Island’s Waters Report summarizes monitoring data collected since the Water Quality and Flow Monitoring Program’s development in 2007.

See link below to view the State of the Island’s Sediment Report:
State of the Island’s Sediment Report.

Yes, we welcome volunteer assistance! If interested, call or email (see contact information at the right and top of this page).

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