Proposed Land Use Actions

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Proposed Land Use Action
Project Name Permit Number Location Notice Type Comment
Period Ends
Larson R-GAF BLD25536 10950 NE Broomgerrie Rd Notice of Intent to Construct in a Landslide Hazard Area 07/02/21 n/a
City of Bainbridge Island
Ordinance 2021-12
Resolution 2021-07
n/a n/a Public Hearing Notice
Thursday, June 10, 2021
@ 6:00PM via Zoom
n/a n/a
White RUE VAR PLN51498 RUE VAR 3945 Lytle Rd NE Notice of Application/Hearing 06/18/21 n/a
Mey SPT PLN13527C SPT Sportsman Club Rd NE Notice of Application 06/11/21 n/a

Additional permit information can be found in our Citizen Self Service Center.

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Permit Types (most common)

  • BLD = Building Permit
  • CUP = Conditional Use Permit
  • GAF = Grade and Fill
  • GAR = Garage
  • HDDP = Housing Design Demonstration Project
  • RUE = Reasonable Use Exception
  • PLN = Planning Permit
  • SCUP = Shoreline Conditional Use Permit
  • SEPA = State Environment Policy Act
  • SFR = Single Family Residence
  • SPR = Site Plan Review
  • SPT = Short Plat
  • SSDE = Shoreline Substantial Development Exemption
  • SUB = Subdivision
  • SSDP = Shoreline Substantial Development Permit
  • SVAR = Shoreline Variance
  • VAR = Variance