Water Supply & Distribution

Water operations include operation and maintenance of city-owned water systems including Winslow, Rockaway Beach, and the Public Works Facility systems. The Winslow Water System serves the downtown historic Winslow and Fletcher Bay areas. The Rockaway Beach Water System serves customers along Rockaway Beach Drive and the Public Works Facility serves city maintenance personnel. These systems have a combined infrastructure that includes:

Infrastructure Component
Active Reservoirs3
Backflow Accounts1,176
Distribution Valves991
Fire Hydrants379
Miles of Water Main44
Pressure Reducing Stations6
Service Meters2,300
Supply Wells15

WSDOH Water Conservation Tips


See reports below for 2022 testing:

Water activities supply over 200-million gallons of water annually to 6,000 customers. The water system infrastructure is monitored by telemetry 24/7/365. The main supply wells draw from four separate aquifers providing flexibility to meet changing conditions and future demands.

Treatment & Quality
At each major well site, the water is treated with chlorine and fluoride before being pumped into the distribution system to fill reservoirs and supply customers. An active cross-connection control program helps protect the water system from contamination and water quality is regularly monitored and tested to ensure that it meets all state and federal regulations.


Routine activities include:

  • Backflow testing
  • Main line flushing
  • Meter reading
  • Regulatory reporting
  • Sample testing
  • Well monitoring