Street Maintenance

Road with bike lanes at sunsetStreet maintenance responsibilities cover the roadway network throughout the island which includes:

Infrastructure Component
Miles of Bike Lanes20
Miles of Gravel Roadway5
Miles of Paved Roadway142
Miles of Pavement Striping85
Street Lights200
Traffic Signs4,412


Street maintenance activities are carried out according to city, state, and federal guidelines. These activities are performed to ensure that the city street, roadway, and bike lane network is safe for the traveling public.

Routine maintenance activities include:
  • Bike lane sweeping
  • Danger tree removal
  • Gravel road grading
  • Overhead vegetation control
  • Pavement crack sealing
  • Pavement marking

  • Pot hole repair
  • Roadway mowing
  • Roadway striping
  • Shoulder maintenance
  • Sign maintenance

Winter Maintenance

During the winter, street maintenance responsibilities include storm debris clean up, snow removal, and ice control activities.