Animal Control

The Kitsap Humane Society acts as the Animal Control and Impounding Authority for the City, routinely providing the following services to the citizens of Bainbridge Island:

  • Complaint investigation of animal cruelty and violations
  • Veterinarian care for injured animals
  • A 24-hour lost-and-found pet information phone line
  • Exemplary kenneling and care facilities for all county strays including inoculations and flea treatment
  • A redemption system for impounded animals
  • Low-cost spay / neuter surgeries for low-income citizens of Kitsap County
  • Animal Assisted Therapy to area senior-care facilities
  • Animal food to Kitsap area food banks for low-income citizens
  • Resource facility for court-ordered community service


Administrative staff to oversee the programs, as well as support staff, to handle phones, dispatching, accounting, and all general office functions. Programs include:

  • An adoption program that promotes responsible pet ownership as well as securing the spaying or neutering of the animals
  • Humane education program that presents animal-related topics including responsible pet ownership, bite prevention, and overpopulation to students and adults of all ages

Rescue Groups

The City of Bainbridge Island cooperatively works with local and out-of-state rescue groups to find homes for our community animals.

Emergency Services

Bainbridge Island offers 24/7 emergency services that include the following:

  • Domestic animals injured in accidents, owned or otherwise
  • Deceased domestic animal pickup
  • Dogs declared potentially dangerous or dangerous dogs at-large
  • Law enforcement assistance (after hours contact through answering service or CENCOM)
  • Removal of livestock on county-maintained roadways
  • Same-day dog bites (unprovoked)

To report an incident or file a complaint involving a domestic animal, dial 911.