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In-Depth Comparison of Final 2 City Manager Candidates-Request for Your Opinion by Tuesday 1/26/21 (i.e. ASAP)

Over the week-end I did a deep dive into the records of Keith Campbell and Blair King, the two finalists for the Bainbridge Island City Manager position. Blair King has a longer track record than Keith Campbell, so his dive was a bit deeper. The draft results are presented in summary below and in detail in an attached summary file and a longer file that includes annotated references and additional notes. I did my best to be objective while collecting data, but ultimately I did form opinions.  

I am requesting that you as a citizen of Bainbridge Island, review this material and the supporting annotated references and make your own determination as to which City Manager candidate is most suitable for our community, and to share your opinion with the Bainbridge Island City Council at:  

The Council may be making a decision on the City Manager position as soon as this coming Tuesday evening, so please provide your opinion before then if possible. 

I am also sending this draft evaluation to the two City Manager candidate finalists to provide them both with an opportunity to add to or correct the record. I would like to have provided them with this opportunity to respond prior to releasing this draft to the public, but the possibility that Council will make a final decision this Tuesday does not provide time for that. 

Thanks in advance for taking the time to read this somewhat lengthy analysis and providing your considered opinion. 


Michael Pollock, Councilmember, City of Bainbridge Island.

City Manager Finalists Evaluation - Deep Dive - Michael Pollock