Water Resources

At its essence, the City’s Water Resources Programs help the community steward the water on Bainbridge Island, to restore or maintain water quality to all, including ducks, frogs, humans, insects, and fish. 

Public Works and other City staff work through programs and other activities to achieve compliance for Public Health, the City’s Stormwater National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Permit, and for the 2016 Comprehensive Plan Water Resources Element Vision for 2036 - Water Resources Element

Bainbridge Island’s water resources (precipitation on the surface and in the ground) are climate resilient and demand and quantity are adequate for all forms of life on the Island. Aquifers are continuously monitored and maintained above the early warning level. The water quality for most of the consumed water is monitored to ensure quality fully meets the standards for drinking water.

Map Image_Watersheds and Streams

Education on water conservation results in a significant reduction in the average water consumption per household. The Bainbridge Island groundwater model is regularly updated with new data and results from model runs are used to maintain long-term sustainability of the Island’s water resources. Low impact development techniques are applied to all land uses and redevelopment.