Annual Water System Flushing

Annual water system flushing is performed at the beginning of each year to remove trace minerals, mostly iron and manganese from the water mains. Although iron and manganese do not pose health concerns, they can create aesthetic issues affecting the taste, clarity, and color of the water. This sediment is removed, and water quality maintained by unidirectional flushing of the water mains on an annual basis. Unidirectional water main flushing involves valving off each section of water main and then directing water at high flow rates through fire hydrants. 

On-site notices will be posted in the specific areas affected the day before the flushing occurs.

Water Pressure and Discoloration

During flushing operations, water pressures may fluctuate and water discoloration may be noticeable. Should these conditions occur, customers are advised to wait until the flushing activities have passed their residence and then recheck their water pressure or flush their service lines by running cold water until it is clear.

We appreciate your cooperation and apologize for this temporary inconvenience.