Dave Ullin Open Water Marina

EH aerial of DUOWM 2020

The City of Bainbridge Island, in conjunction with the Washington State Department of Natural Resources, established an Open Water Mooring and Anchoring Area (OWMAA) in Eagle Harbor in 2010. When the island lost one of its most treasured residents in 2017, Dave Ullin, the marina was renamed in his honor. Click here to read the story.

If you are interested in applying for space at the marina, you need to complete and submit an application (PDF).

Moorage & Anchorage Area (Buoy Layout)

In 1999, the City Council directed the Harbor Commission to designate an open water moorage and anchorage area in Eagle Harbor for recreational vessels and citizens who live aboard their vessels. Vessels anchored or moored over public bedlands are also subject to Department of Natural Resources (DNR) requirements. See also 2018 DUOWM buoy project page.

See also 2024 Lease Agreement and Dave Ullin Open Water Marina Best Management Practices. Once a candidate is approved as full-time liveaboard, buoys are assigned long term on a first come first served by availability.

The tenant's vessel must be the tenant's primary residence, in which the tenant occupies the vessel for more than six months out of the year. 


There is currently a waitlist for the Dave Ullin Open Water Marina.