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Bainbridge Island has big climate action goals and we need your help! We’re working to reduce our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 25% by 2025, and 90% by 2045, compared to 2014.

Roughly 40% of U.S. GHG emissions come from five basic household activities: transportation choices, electricity use, heating, food choices, and waste. The great news is there are lots of ways you can take action to protect our environment, save money, and improve your health and the comfort of your home.

The Climate Smart Challenge makes it easy and fun to reduce your GHG emissions. You select the actions specific to your journey and lifestyle, track your progress, and watch your carbon footprint decline as you make changes at home. You can collaborate with your neighbors, share ideas and resources, and work towards your goals together. 

Watch a short presentation on how the Climate Smart Challenge works, and learn about actions taken in support of our 2020 Climate Action Plan, in the video below. Together we can create a Climate Smart Bainbridge! 

Join the Bainbridge Island Climate Smart Challenge today! 

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Climate Action Lessons Plans for Grades 4-12

The City’s Climate Smart Challenge has free lesson plans and activities to help students measure carbon footprints, identify concrete climate solutions, and address climate anxiety. Lesson plans with short videos and slide decks for grades 4-6 and grades 7-12 are available below.  *Please right click to open the documents below in a separate tab*

Kids can also download and print these coloring sheets. Post your artwork in a window to show you have a Climate Smart home!

If you have questions about the lesson plans or are interested in a presentation for your classroom, please contact Hannah Ljunggren, Climate Action Outreach Coordinator, via email or phone at 206.780.8594.

Climate Smart 4th Graders

The City partnered with Ordway Elementary School in late 2022 to pilot the Climate Smart Youth program. This six-week program helped students measure their carbon footprints, identify concrete climate solutions, and address climate anxiety. This was achieved through games, quizzes, and opportunities for students to serve as Climate Smart ambassadors for their peers. At the conclusion of this program students were invited to City Hall, where they gave a presentation to City staff on what they had learned and what actions they believed staff should take to be more Climate Smart. The Climate Smart Youth program received overwhelmingly positive feedback from both students and staff and the City hopes to continue this program with other schools in 2023.

If your school, PTO, or other youth representatives are interested in this program (for 4th graders or other grades), please contact Hannah Ljunggren via email or phone at 206.780.8594. 

Eat Green and Waste Less Poster from Ordway Elementary School Students

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