Build or Buy?

Are you considering a building project with a property you currently own? Or you may be considering a property or parcel for purchase and need to learn more about what could impact your plans for the property?  The City has free tools and resources available to help you learn about your property or a property you are considering for purchase.



With either an address or parcel number, the City Zoning Map should be your first stop. 

Refer to the Dimensional Standards Table and the Developmental Standards Table to determine which standards will apply.  

Shoreline Jurisdiction

Development within 200’ of the shoreline must be consistent with Shoreline Master Program standards. 

With either an address or a parcel number and step by step instructions, use the Shoreline Management Program Map to determine if the property is subject to shoreline rules. 

Critical Areas

The GIS Mapping Tool should be used to determine if there are critical areas and related constraints that may apply to the property. 

NOTE: This step should serve as a preliminary screening. Critical areas shown are not comprehensive and may not be accurate. Refer to step by step instructions provided to help navigate this tool. 


All of Bainbridge Island is designated a critical aquifer recharge area. The Critical Areas Ordinance requires designation of an aquifer recharge protection area (ARPA) in the R-0.4, R-1 and R-2 zoning districts.

Plat Requirements/Subdivision History

If the subject property is part of a subdivision, there could be plat requirements. These requirements are recorded with the plat upon approval by the city. Visit the Kitsap County Assessor’s Office website to determine plat requirements. 

Step by step instructions are provided to help you navigate this tool. 

NOTE: Not all properties are part of a plat and not all plats include special conditions or setbacks. 

ADU (Accessory Dwelling Units)

What you need to know about Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs)

Connecting with City Staff 

Questions for a Planner? Email or call 206.780.3770. If your question is property specific, please include an address or property tax ID number. Emails and voicemails are checked often and will be returned within one business day. 

Don't forget to also refer to the Camino Permit Guide. This guide can answer most questions about your residential project. 

15-minute Q&A with City staff: We are currently offering 15-minute Q&A’s with either a Building Inspector, or Developmental Engineer.  These meetings are free but strictly limited to15 minutes so please have your questions ready to make the best use of the limited time frame.

Consultation Appointments: These are recommended for a more in-depth conversation about feasibility. A Planner, Developmental Engineer, and a Building inspector (if needed) will be available to answer questions and discuss the property with you. These are 30-minute meetings and are conducted virtually via Microsoft Teams. The fee for a consultation is $750.00. 

Consultations with a Planner can now be requested from the

Online Permit Center. 

  1. Go to the Online Permit Center and either log in or create an account. 
  2. Click on “My Portal”
  3. Click “Apply Online”
  4. Select the “Planning” category
  5. Select “Planning Consultation”

Once you have filled out the info needed, you can click “Submit”. If you do not pay at submittal, an invoice will be emailed to you. Once the invoice is paid, you will get an email from a permit specialist with available dates and times.