Zero Waste

Our community has a long history of working to reduce waste. In 1989, the City prohibited retail food establishments from using non-biodegradable packaging (Styrofoam), followed by the Single Use Carry Out Bag Ordinance in 2012 (Ordinance 2012-06, commonly known as the "plastic bag ban"). In January 2020, the charge for a retailer’s paper bags increased from five cents to eight cents to be consistent with the charge in the rest of Kitsap County as authorized by Ordinance 2019-30.

In June 2021, the Council passed Ordinance 2021-18, which only allows single-use food service products to be provided when a customer asks or confirms they would like to use them. In November 2021, City Council adopted Ordinance No. 2021-34 to reduce plastic waste from food service and lodging businesses.

Learn more about new waste reduction regulations for Bainbridge Island businesses below.

  1. Erase the Waste Business Pledge
  2. January 2022 - New Rules for Single-Use Food Service Items
  3. January 2023 - New Rules for Reducing Plastic Waste in Food Service and Lodging Businesses

Bainbridge Island is working to reduce single-use plastics to protect our marine environment and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Starting in 2023, retail food and lodging establishments will have new requirements to reduce plastic waste associated with onsite dining, to-go food orders, and packaging for personal care products.  

Food and lodging establishments can get a jump-start on the new requirements outlined in Ordinance No. 2021-34 and receive recognition as a Climate Smart Bainbridge business leader by pledging to reduce their use of single-use plastics now, before the new requirements go into effect.  Businesses can pledge to implement one or more actions and can get credit for actions they’re already doing or pledge to start doing this year.

By voluntarily taking action now, businesses will receive free social media promotion, newspaper advertisements, and a PVC-free window cling to showcase their leadership as a Climate Smart Bainbridge business.  

Food Retail & Lodging Businesses that have Pledged to Erase the Waste

  • The Island School
  • Town & Country Market

Other Community Businesses that have Pledged to Erase the Waste

  • OfficeXpats

Take the Business Pledge to Erase the Waste

Window Decal artwork for Erase the Waste Pledge

Look for this decal designating Climate Smart Bainbridge businesses that are working to erase the waste! 

Customer Pledge to Erase the Waste

As a customer, you can do your part by pledging to Erase the Waste and supporting local businesses that have taken the pledge to reduce their use of single-use plastics before the new regulations go into effect. 

Take the Customer Pledge to Erase the Waste

If you have questions about the pledge, please contact Hannah Ljunggren, Climate Action Outreach Coordinator for the City.


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