Be water wise

We depend on groundwater for all our water-supply needs on Bainbridge Island. Groundwater also supports our streams and wetlands. Most of our groundwater comes from precipitation that falls on the Island’s surface and infiltrates the ground. Climate change is expected to impact local water resources both in terms of increased demand due to increasing temperatures, and changes to groundwater recharge rates due to changes in precipitation patterns.

The City will be working with stakeholders across the island in 2022 to develop a Groundwater Management Plan designed to ensure clean and sufficient groundwater for future generations. The plan will identify land and water use management strategies, along with climate change mitigations as practicable, and will set a framework for implementation and monitoring. Learn more about the City’s Groundwater Management Plan.  

You play an important role in protecting our water resources! Explore the links below for tips on how to reduce both indoor and outdoor water use.