Shift your ride

Transportation was responsible for approximately 34% of 2018 community greenhouse gas emissions, including on-road vehicles, air travel, ferry travel and off-road vehicles and equipment. We can help improve the health of our environment and our community members by adding more biking and pedestrian infrastructure and promoting the use of electric vehicles. 

  1. Building a Sustainable Transportation Network
  2. Shift Your Ride
  3. Go Electric

City Council adopted the Sustainable Transportation Plan in March 2022. The Plan was developed to establish the long-range vision for how we travel on the island by providing a transportation system (streets, transit, trails, etc.) that improves mobility and safety for all users while respecting the character of neighborhoods and maintaining a climate resilient environment. 

Scenario 2, “Connecting Centers” was identified as the preferred implementation plan and staff is currently developing a work plan of next steps for the Council’s review and direction. Scenario 2 is geared toward encouraging the City to make new investments in transportation projects and programs, with potential voter-supported funding as a complement early on or midway through implementation. With nearly $31 million available over 6 years, this scenario focuses on rapid implementation and delivery of a marquee “Connecting Centers” project that would provide a complete all-ages-and-abilities spine, as well as traffic calming projects on key routes.

 You can view the Plan and learn more about Scenario 2 here (PDF).