Submitting an Online Permit Application 

Submitting a permit application online is easy!  

Follow these easy steps and submit with success:

  1. Register for an online permit account.
    1. How to register for the Online Permit Center
  2. Log into the Online Permit Center
    1. How to log into the Online Permit Center
  3. Click on the My Portal GO button.
    My Portal blue Go button
  4. Click on the Apply Online APPLY button.Apply Online button
  5. Select Category and Application types from drop down menus:Select Category and Application type
  6. Current permits available for online application submittal are:


  • Commercial/Residential Solar
  • Commercial/Residential Re-Roofing
  • Commercial/Residential Plumbing
  • Commercial/Residential Mechanical
  • Residential Alterations - Subject to Field Inspection
  • Commercial/Residential Fire Alarm  
  • Commercial/Residential Fire Sprinkler  
  • Commercial Fire Sprinkler Underground 
  • Single Family Residence
  • Address


  • Consultation

7.  Click NEXT button.

8.  Enter a name for your project and describe the purpose of your project.

9.  Click NEXT button.

10. Enter site address of project.

11. Click NEXT button.

12. Add any contacts for the project including contractors.

13. Click NEXT button.

14. Add Contractors again (if applicable).

15. Click NEXT button.

16. Enter requested information.

17. Click NEXT button.

18. Review your permit application and edit (using blue edit links) as needed.

19. Click SAVE AND CONTINUE button.

20. An update window will open. Click the Go to my new permit button.  

21. Scroll down the page to the Submittals section. 

  • Click on the blue 0 Files link next to the Submittal Status.
  • Click the Upload button.Submittal Upload button
  • Click ADD FILES button.
  • Select the file(s) you wish to upload and click Open button.
  • Click Begin Upload button.
  • After upload is complete, green checkmark will appear.
  • Click Close button.
  • Click Return To Permit Detail button.

22. Scroll down to Fees section.

23. Click Pay Online button.

24. Follow instructions to pay permit fees.

25. Watch your e-mail for permit updates from City Staff.

Tips for success when submitting an application:

How to reset your password to the Online Permit Center

How to access your permit in the Online Permit Center

How to upload your submittals in the Online Permit Center

Online Permit Center