Comprehensive Plan Implementation

The City of Bainbridge Island’s 2017 Comprehensive Plan is a visionary document that presents an ambitious long-range plan to support a sustainable, healthy, and thriving community. The City Council and City staff worked together throughout 2018 to connect our day-to-day tasks, legislation agendas, and ongoing projects to the vision presented by the implementing actions of the Comprehensive Plan. The result is a commitment to develop and utilize a platform to track progress on these important goals.

Beginning in 2019, the City now provides a report on progress to implement the actions identified within the Comprehensive Plan. When the current Comprehensive Plan was adopted in 2017, it identified 54 “implementing actions” that were envisioned as necessary to meet the objectives described in the Comprehensive Plan. These actions are wide-ranging, and many actions will themselves require multiple steps to achieve completion. These steps are the specific “tasks” that move the implementing actions forward. As time passes, the number of tasks should increase, to reflect ongoing and additional City projects and initiatives that support the Comprehensive Plan.

The City’s set of implementing actions represents an ambitious level of effort, and implementation of these tasks will guide our work for the next 5 – 10 years. Throughout 2018, City Council and staff worked together to understand how the City could effectively connect our day-to-day workplans, legislation, and projects to the sometimes aspirational vision presented by the 54 implementing actions. The result is a commitment to develop – and use – a platform to track progress on this work and to communicate routinely about how this effort is moving forward. To meet this commitment, City staff will now report out on Comprehensive Plan Implementation twice a year, in conjunction with the established mid-year and year-end reporting on annual workplans.

The 2019 Year-End Report on Comprehensive Plan Implementation completes the City’s first iteration of this process. A 2019 mid-year report was provided with status as of June 30, 2019. Going forward, status reports will be provided at mid-year and year-end, to coordinate with reporting on Citywide workplan priorities.

In late 2019, City staff transitioned reporting on Comprehensive Plan implementation to the same reporting format (“Envisio” software) as is used for the annual workplan. This is intended to create a more readable, user-friendly result, and will also help to solidify the connection between the vision of the Comprehensive Plan and the day-to-day operations of the City.

2019 Year-End Reporting (as of December 31, 2019)

Link to 2019 Year-End Comprehensive Plan Implementation
Comp Plan Overall Summary
As of year-end 2019, the City has made notable progress towards responding to the implementing actions identified in the Comprehensive Plan. The tasks outlined in this workplan represent a multi-year effort, and an initial timeline of five years has been envisioned. Given which, the fact that roughly a quarter of the identified tasks are now complete represents satisfactory progress.

Across the ten elements, there is a range of performance outcomes. The greatest progress is indicated within the actions related to Housing, Transportation, and Land Use. In part, this reflects the work completed in 2018-2019 related to the City’s Development Moratorium, the follow-up from the 2018 Affordable Housing Task Force, and the completion of the 2018 ballot initiative for nonmotorized spending. Looking ahead, additional significant activities are still planned within all three of these areas of focus (e.g. the Sustainable Transportation Plan, ongoing Affordable Housing initiatives, remaining plans for Winslow and other areas).

Other elements indicate more mixed results. Both the Water Resources and Environmental elements will be informed by projects that are anticipated within 2020 (the pending Climate Action Plan, the Groundwater Management Plan, the City’s Green Building initiatives).

Within all elements, it is anticipated that new tasks will be identified that support the original implementing actions. In that respect, the workplan to implement the goals of the Comprehensive Plan, will continue to evolve and expand over time. The purpose of the City’s planned periodic reporting on these activities is to capture progress and projects that emerge throughout the monitoring period, to convey the degree to which implementation goals have been met, and to communicate more explicitly about how the City’s annual workplans connect to the Comprehensive Plan.

Status of the Comprehensive Plan Implementation Work Plan will be reported annually at year-end (as of December 31), and mid-year (as of June 30).

A separate report on Citywide Workplan Priorities provides additional information and reporting on the City’s key tasks and initiatives for the coming year.