Property Tax

Property Tax Revenue at the City of Bainbridge Island

Property tax revenue is collected from owners of most real property on Bainbridge Island. Property tax is the City of Bainbridge Island’s single largest source of revenue at roughly $7.6 million annually. Property tax paid by Island property owners supports many different taxing jurisdictions in addition to the City. In fact, the City of Bainbridge Island receives roughly 9 cents of every dollar of property tax paid for Island properties. 


Kitsap County Property Tax Exemption and Deferral programs

Certain property owners may qualify for reductions to property tax.  This program is administered by Kitsap County. The application can be found at Kitsap County Property Tax & Deferral Programs.

Property Tax Revenue Distribution

Those interested in which jurisdictions their property tax supports can use an analysis tool developed by Kitsap County. The tool shows historical amounts paid, both as a total and by taxing district. You can access the tool at Kitsap County Real Property Tax Distribution.

Property Tax Background Information

Property tax in Washington state is complicated.  The Municipal Research and Services Center (MRSC) has prepared a web page for those who want to understand more about how property tax is calculated.  You can access the web page at MRSC Property Tax in Washington State.

Statistical information and current legislative changes to property tax at a state level can be found at the Department of Revenue.