Pritchard Park Design Recommendations

Report and Appendices

  • Chapters 1- 3 (Introduction, Site Analysis, Recommended Design)

  • Chapters 4- 8  (Implementation, Role of the Committee,Public Participation, University participation, History)

  • Appendix A, Public Comment

  • Appendix B, University of Washington Design Team Report

  • Appendix C, History of the Site

  • Appendix D, Update on the Bainbridge Island Japanese American Memorial

  • Appendix E, Suquamish Tribe Comments

  • Appendix F, Suggested use Policies (Off-leash, Water Camping, Boat Storage)

  • Appendix G, Point Shoreline Restoration: Preliminary Feasibility Assessment

  • Appendix H-1, Shoreline Restoration Projects - East Bluff

  • Appendix H-2, Shoreline Restoration Projects - West Rip-Rap

  • Appendix H-3, Shoreline Restoration Projects - Milwaukee Dock Eelgrass

  • Appendix I, Suggested Playground Elements

  • Appendix J, Recommendation for Invasive Weed Removal

  • Appendix K, Comments from City Council and Park District Commissioners