Proposed Land Use Actions

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Bloedel Reserve Facility Improvements (PLN50734 SPRA)
Location:  7535 NE Dolphin Drive
Notice of Administrative Decision and Mitigated Determination of Non-significance
Appeal period ends November 17, 2017

Bainbridge Island Disposal Relocation (PLN50903 PRE)
Notice of Public Participation Meeting
When:  Monday, November 27, 2017 6:30 - 7:30 PM
Where:  City Hall Council Chamber

Fisher Slope Stabilization (BLD22704 R-RET)
Location:  12400 Sunrise Drive NE
Notice of Intent to Construct in a Landslide Hazard Area
Comment period ends November 27, 2017

Ericksen Gardens HDDP (PLN50807 SPT)
Location:  517 Ericksen Avenue NE
Notice of Application
Comment period ends December 8, 2017

Permit Types
 - CUP
= Conditional Use  Permit
 - GAF = Grade and Fill
 - GAR = Garage
 - SCUP = Shoreline Conditional Use Permit
 - SPR = Site Plan Review
 - SSDE = Shoreline Substantial Development Exemption
 - SSDP = Shoreline Substantial Development Permit
 - SUR = Special Use Preview
 - SVAR = Shoreline variance